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Creogh Patrick Climb

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JULY 2011

I had seen this mountain from the bus on a previous trip and me being me and probably someone saying I couldn't do it, but this early morning saw me standing looking at Creogh Patrick as it loomed above the fog and early clouds. Yes, I can do this - I think. I have never climbed before but surely it can't be too hard. Whoever told me that?
The first part of the climb isn't too difficult with a lot of rocky track. The climb is starting to become straight up and I have just realised that there are two parts to this sacred mountain, from the road you can only see one part of the mountain and this section is not too hard to climb. The paths are covered in rocks and quite slippery. A lot of walkers have passed us but they seem in such a hurry but I prefer to take it easy. Russell encourages me on - I probably would have given up by now if he wasn't with me.
The summit is close and I can see the monument at the top. At last we have reached it, so cold and windy but no rain, it can be no more than a few degrees.
The fog rolls over and we can see no further than our hands but this does not last long and it is clear again. Spectacular. Sitting on the summit is a small white chapel and a section covered in stones which is dedicated to St Patrick when he spent time on this mountain. The views to Clew Bay are fantastic.
The climb down is much quicker and most of it is spent on my rear end and sliding. No wonder accidents happen. At the bottom of the pathway is a large white statue of St Patrick, it is believed that from this mountain is where St Patrick chased the snakes of Ireland.
The round trip has taken us over 5 hours, I am exhausted and every bone in my body is screaming at me but I am glad that I have completed the climb.

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